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"Colorism" Exhibition 2015

“Laughter isn't even the other side of tears. It is tears turned inside out. Truly the suffering is great, here on earth. We blunder along, shredded by our mistakes, bludgeoned by our faults. Not having a clue where the dark path leads us. But on the whole, we stumble along bravely, don't you think?” ― Alice Walker

Every woman’s journey is distinct and significant. In my opinion, no single occurrence can dictate a path, but rather, it is a collection of events or happenings that embody the experience and story of that individual. It is our memories, our past, the now, and entities yet to come that shape who we are as women, who we become, and inadvertently serve as excuses for what we may have done. My series, “Colorism” is an aesthetic exploration of the truth and illusion behind the often times unfortunate actions that stem from human nature. This term, coined by Alice Walker in 1982, is merely one apparatus of many within the sea of discrimination. Our skin is what binds us physically, yet separates us emotionally. While I can only speak from the perspective of a woman, I feel color and gender intersect in complex ways and challenge women differently. I find that the unique beauty of a woman rests in her ability to live within the existence of herself. The complexities of a woman cannot be described in a single word. No one will ever truly understand the secret suffering that any one woman may endure at any one time. It is a way of life, hidden from many, understood by few, and felt only by the ones she lets in. “Colorism” explores the beauty of the many tones that make up women. It is my intention to show the emotional, subtle and overt essence of life by means of color. Color enables us to see and reference our environment. It is through the use of hues that I explore the journey of the woman and seek to comprehend interpersonal ties and the many attributes that make up the beauty of a woman.

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