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Valerie Gillespie Art

Valerie Gillespie Statement


Everyone’s journey is distinct and significant. In my opinion, no single occurrence can dictate a path, but rather, it is a collection of events or happenings that embody the experience and story of that individual. It is our memories, our past, the now, and entities yet to come that shape who we are, who we become, and inadvertently serve as excuses for what we’ve done. My most recent series, “Becoming” is an aesthetic exploration of the truth and illusion behind the often-unfortunate actions that stem from human nature. Our skin is what binds us physically yet separates us emotionally. Using pigment and skin tone, a visual representation of the pain of being the other is portrayed in each piece through the lens of an African American mother. In strength and with one’s emotions guarded, pain is oftentimes overlooked or ignored. The masks we wear daily contribute to the seclusion and loneliness of what it feels like to be Black in America. Becoming is a visual journey of the bold and beautiful elements that define African American women. It is this beauty that often creates the divide but illuminates the magic that we possess.

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